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Presenting the Cast of our Spring 2020 Production of "Shrek":


Shrek: Christopher Green


Fiona: Mikaela Cox


Donkey: Marcus Hardesty


Lord Farquaad: Collin Goldman


Dragon: Megan Kirby


Teen Fiona: Hank Rood


Young Fiona: Emma Green


Gingy: Janeen McGinnis


Pinocchio: Lauren Allen


Big Bad Wolf: Aaron Barber


Three Little Pigs: Tanaia Green, Sara Wardian, Sonie Leamons


White Rabbit: Evangelene Whitney


Fairy Godmother: Wendi Jacob


Peter Pan: Sarah VanLinda


Wicked Witch: Becky Clark


Sugar Plum Fairy: Janeen McGinnis


Ugly Duckling: Liselle Vetsch


Papa Bear: JJ Scofield


Mama Bear: Krista Wehking


Baby Bear: Chelsea Brandt


Mad Hatter: Michael Clark


Humpty Dumpty: Cody Wright


Cheshire Cat: Audrey Ferrin


Young Shrek: Quinn Polen


Mama Ogre: Krista Wehking


Papa Ogre: JJ Scofield


King Harold: Scott Polen


Queen Lillian: Megan Kirby


Captain of the Guard: Jacob Lynde


Guards: Michael Clark, Olivia Qual, Elizabeth Marshall, Scott Polen


Knights: Michael Clark, Kyleigh Clark, JJ Scofield, Jacob Lynde, Aaron Barber, Ricky Reebel


Thelonious: Aaron Barber


Pied Piper: Quinn Polen


Three Blind Mice: Tanaia Green, Sara Wardian, Sonie Leamons


Grumpy: Mila Johnson


Bishop: Cody Wright


Tinkerbell: Natalie Kelley


Hansel & Gretel: Lauren Ott, Indie Vetch


Dulocs: Mila Johnson, Lauren Allen, Kathleen Gangale, Elizabeth Marshall, Megan Kirby, Jacob Lynde, Quinn Polen, Hank Rood, Tanaia Green, Sara Wardian, Evangelene Whitney, Ricky Reebel, Cody Wright, Sonie Leamons


Rats/Tappers: Mila Johnson, Lauren Allen, Kathleen Gangale, Elizabeth Marshall, Megan Kirby, Kallie Weiss, Kallie Weiss, Hank Rood, Audrey Ferrin, Ricky Reebel, Cody Wright, Gwyndolyn Smith


Townspeople: Kallie Weiss, Gwyndolyn Smith

Cast List
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