Cast List

Presenting the Cast of our Spring 2020 Production of "Shrek":


(This list may change some, now that we've had to delay our production, but the actors who are able will continue in their roles, including Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey!)

Main Characters: 


Shrek: Christopher Green


Fiona: Mikaela Cox


Donkey: Marcus Hardesty


Lord Farquaad: Collin Goldman





Teen Fiona: Hank Rood


Young Fiona: Emma Green

Young Shrek: Quinn Polen


Mama Ogre: Krista Wehking


Papa Ogre: JJ Scofield


King Harold: Jacob Lynde


Queen Lillian:


Fairytale Characters:

Pinocchio: Lauren Allen


Gingy & Sugar Plum Fairy: Janeen McGinnis

Wicked Witch: Michele Spohn

Big Bad Wolf: Junior Kahaloa


Three Little Pigs: Tanaia Green, Sonie Leamons, Kristie Abart

The Three Bears: JJ Scofield, Krista Wehking, Chelsea Brandt


White Rabbit: Evangelene Whitney

Grumpy: Mila Johnson

Humpty Dumpty: Cody Wright

Ugly Duckling: Liselle Vetsch


Fairy Godmother: Karie Kelley


Mad Hatter: Bobbie Ann Beller


Cheshire Cat: Audrey Ferrin

Peter Pan: Sarah VanLinda


Tinkerbell: Natalie Kelley


Hansel & Gretel: Lauren Ott, Indie Vetch

Three Blind Mice: Tanaia Green, Sonie Leamons, 

Bluebird: Lauren Allen

Pied Piper: Quinn Polen

Rat Dancers: Mila Johnson, Lauren Allen, Kathleen Gangale, Elizabeth Marshall, Kallie Weiss, Kallie Weiss, Audrey Ferrin, Ricky Reebel, Cody Wright, Gwyndolyn Smith, Collin Goldman, Hank Rood, Junior Kahaloa

Citizens of Duloc:


Captain of the Guard: Jacob Lynde


Guards: Olivia Qual, Elizabeth Marshall, Ronnie Nusbaum


Knights: JJ Scofield, Jacob Lynde, Ricky Reebel, Michele Spohn


Thelonious: Junior Kahaloa


Bishop: Cody Wright

Duloc Greeter: Gwyndolyn Smith


Dulocs: Mila Johnson, Lauren Allen, Kathleen Gangale, Elizabeth Marshall, Jacob Lynde, Quinn Polen, Tanaia Green, Evangelene Whitney, Ricky Reebel, Cody Wright, Sonie Leamons, Audrey Ferrin


Villagers: Jacob Lynde, Olivia Qual, Ricky Reebel, Kathleen Gangale, Kallie Weiss, Gwyndolyn Smith, Ronnie Nusbaum