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All workshops will be held at the Grants Pass Performing Arts Center Lecture Hall from 6:30-9:00pm. Registration Required.

2 Day Workshops cost: $20
1 Day Workshops cost: $10

Register for all three of Rachel's Workshops: $35
Basics of Acting
(Rachel Kostrna)

- July 5-6 -

Group Scene Work
(Rachel Kostrna)

- July 7 -

Drama Therapy
(Rachel Kostrna)

- July 12 -

Music Directing for the Stage
(Ron Strom)

- July 13-14 -
Music Directing

Music Directing for the Stage: From A to G
 July 13-14  ·  Instructor: Ron Strom  ·  $20

How terrifying is it to music-direct a musical? Not terrifying at all if you learn the basics and methodically "bite off" one chunk of the apple at a time. This workshop will cover the music director's responsibilities from auditions to strike, including the challenges of hiring and conducting a pit orchestra. Participants should be able to read music well and have a familiarity with music theory.

Instructor Ron Strom has music-directed and/or conducted 16 shows in Grants Pass since 2003. He hopes to help a new group of leaders ably step up to the podium in the future.

This is a sequential, two-part workshop, July 13 and 14 from 6:30pm-9:00pm (both nights), at the Grants Pass High School PAC Lecture Hall.

Rachel's Workshops
Rachel Kostrna

Basic Acting, Scene Work, Drama Therapy
Instructor: Rachel Kostrna

Rachel Kostrna has been performing, directing, and studying theatre for over ten years. She is a graduate of Southern Oregon University’s Theatre Acting Track program, and has performed at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Rachel is currently studying to be a Drama Therapist and enjoys doing, teaching, and investing in theatre and drama, and in those who are interested in it.

Basics of Acting - July 5 and 6 - Instructor: Rachel Kostrna - $20

Day 1 - What is Acting? Basic Do’s and Don’ts

Day 2 - Why is Acting? Ways to Keep Growing


What is acting, and where do I begin? Acting is an incredibly fun and challenging thing to do. We all know what bad acting looks like, so how do we do good acting? What are the basics and what are things to avoid. Whether you are new to acting or have been doing it for years, going back to the basics of acting is always a good idea. In this two day workshop we will be going over the do’s and don’ts of acting and ways that you can continue to practice and grow as an actor no matter your experience level.

This is a sequential, two-part workshop, July 5 and 6 from 6:30pm-9:00pm (both nights), at the Grants Pass High School PAC Lecture Hall.

Group Scene Work - July 7- Instructor: Rachel Kostrna - $10

- There’s So Many People! What Do I Do?


As an actor approaching a scene with more than two people can be really daunting and confusing. What do I do while I wait for my turn to talk? Where do I stand? What is even going on in this scene? In this workshop we will be looking at script analysis, and learning what to do and what not to do when on stage with lots of other people. If you have ever felt lost when in a group scene come out and learn some tools and practical do’s and don’ts of group scene work.

This is a one day workshop, July 7 from 6:30pm-9:00pm, at the Grants Pass High School PAC Lecture Hall.

Drama Therapy - July 12- Instructor: Rachel Kostrna - $10

- What is Drama Therapy? Experience it!


Drama Therapy? Is that therapy for actors? Nope! Drama Therapy is an emerging arts therapy that uses the tools and practices of theatre and drama for therapeutic benefit. Come out and experience a Drama Therapy group session for yourself. Learn how therapists around the world are using stories, play acting, and so much more to help facilitate personal healing and growth in a therapeutic setting. In the first half of this workshop you will be led through a typical one hour group therapy session so you can experience it yourself. In the second half, we will be breaking down the session and learning where theatre tools live in psychology.  

This is a one day workshop, July 12 from 6:30pm-9:00pm, at the Grants Pass High School PAC Lecture Hall.

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