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Child Wrangling Information

Matilda Child Wrangler Description & Expectations:

1: Walk with children to and from restroom during rehearsal at South Middle School.

2: Monitor children during breaks to ensure no one leaves the building or disrupts rehearsal in other rooms or locations.

3: Monitor children during breaks to make sure no one leaves areas designated to OneEleven (E.I. no running down hallways past restrooms, any other areas off limits - ask RuRu if you have any questions).

4: Assist RuRu to monitor children at end of rehearsal to make sure every child’s parents come into building to pick them up or that adults arrive and are within eyesight before children leave the building.

5: During rehearsal assist RuRu to maintain noise level in children’s rehearsal. (As there may be two different rooms in use during rehearsals you may be in a different room then RuRu.)

6: During shows be in green room to assist children with keeping track of where they should be and when (mainly reminders as children do tend to get distracted)

7: Walk with children if they have to leave building during rehearsal (such as meet a parent dropping something off, making a phone call, ect.) - or at least maintain eyesight at wrangler’s discretion if situation permits.

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