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Feb 13th-24th Schedule

Updated: Feb 21

Monday Feb 13

Staging/Choreo w/ Sandra/Jocelyn (Kristin Conducting 7:45-8:30)

6-7:30: Little Kids, Big Kids Trunchbull: Scene 8 pp 32-36: Chokey Chant

7:30-8:30 Same+ add Miss Honey Scene 5a pp26 into Hammer

Solo Rehearsal w/ Kristin

6-6:30: Miss Honey: Pathetic

6:30-7: Miss Honey/Escapologist: My House

7-7:45: Mrs. Wormwood/Rodolfo: Loud


Tuesday Feb 14

Staging/Choreo w/ Sandra/Jocelyn (Kristin Conducting 7:30-8:30)

5-5:30: Miss Honey: This Little Girl

5:30-6:00: Miss Honey: Pathetic

6-6:30: Trunchbull, Miss Honey, Little Kids: Scene 17a pp 64-65

6:30-8:30: same + add Big Kids: Smell of Rebellion

Solo Rehearsal w/ Kristin

6:30-7:30: Doctor, Mr/Mrs. Wormwood: Miracle Dialogue timing with music

Wednesday Feb 15

Staging/Choreo w/ Sandra (Kristin Conducting 7:15-8)

6-6:45: Mr/Mrs. Wormwood, Matilda, Michael: Scene 6a p29-31

6:45-7:15 same: Run Wormwood Scenes (+16b)

7:15-8: Matilda, Mrs. Phelps, Acrobat, Escapologist: Scene 16: Acrobat Story #3

8-8:30: Mr/Mrs. Wormwood, Doctor, Nurses: Hospital Scene: #1b/c pp4-7

8:30-9: Mr Wormwood, Michael: All I know

Solo Rehearsal w/ Kristin

6-6:30: Alice: all solo lines

6:30-7:15: Bruce all solo lines

8-8:30: Matilda/Escapologist: I’m Here

Thursday Feb 16

Staging/Choreo w/ Sandra/Jocelyn (Kristin Conducting 6-7)

6-7: Little Kids, Miss Honey, Trunchbull, Scene 20a/b/c pp 79-84

7-7:15: Lavender: Scene 14 pp 55

7:15-8: Little Kids, Miss Honey, Trunchbull :Scene 18a/b pp 69-73

8-8:30 Matilda (?TB, MH, LK?): Quiet

Solo Rehearsal w/ Kristin

7-7:30: Nigel all Solo Lines

7:30-8: Eric (if not called above) all solo lines

8-8:30 Amanda (if not called above) all solo lines

Friday Feb 17


Monday Feb 20

Dance Review @ Fusion: ALL CAST CALLED - No Conflicts


751 NW 4th St Grants Pass, OR

Music Review-ALL CAST CALLED - No Conflicts

Wednesday Feb 22

Staging/Choreo w/ Sandra (Kristin Conducting 5:30-6:30; 7:30-8:30)

5:30-6:30 Matilda Naughty/Naughty Reprise

6:30-8: Miss Honey, Matilda, Escapologist: Scene 19b into My House

8-8:30: Matilda/Escapologist: I’m Here

Solo Rehearsal w/ Kristin

6:30-7:30: Sergei/Dad and any bass lines you’d like to review

Thursday Feb 23

Staging/Choreo w/ Sandra/Jocelyn

6-6:30 Mr/Mrs. Wormwood, Matilda, Miss Honey Sergei, Henchmen Scene 21c/d pp89-90

6:30-7: Same Scene 22: pp 90-92

7-7:30 Scene 23: pp 92-93 same (release Sergei/Henchmen)

7:30-8 Mrs. Phelps Miss Honey Scene 21a pp 87-88

8-8:30: Mr/Mrs. Wormwood, Matilda, Miss Honey, Michael, Rodolfo: Scene 21b pp 88-89

Solo Rehearsal w/ Kristin

6-6:30 Amanda all solo lines (unless we work on 2/16-if so, no call needed)

6:30-7 Doctor

7-7:30 Hortensia all solo lines

7:30-8: Acrobat,

Friday Feb 24

Staging/Choreo w/ Sandra/Jocelyn (Kristin Conducting only)

6-7: Little Kids, Partnered Parents: When I Grow Up

7-8:30 All Cast: Bows

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