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Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Greetings cast!I am going to include quite a few things in this email so please read carefully. I shall copy and paste to blog as well for everyone's convenience.

Firstly, included is my best attempt at a description of the entrance at the PAC for actors or tech who are not familiar with the building. I'm bad at editing, but hopefully that is helpful. As always, you can text me with any questions as well. 

Secondly, as we move through this next week if you are not wearing your shoes for the show please ONLY wear shoes you can move in and are appropriate for rehearsals.

Thirdly, bring deodorant with you and leave it with your costume or in your purse or bag that you keep with you. Even if you don't regularly use it please start using it for the show, before, at intermission, and whenever needed. Everyone is basically exercising often in multiple layers, and we get sweaty fast. This is an unusual situation you will not often be in so we all need to be extra conscientious of lots of people sweating for several hours in a closed area. 

Fourthly, parents or other similar adults of children involved in the show, here is the link to child wrangling. As I said for those who were able to come Wednesday night; once we get into the PAC (I.E. tonight), neither I nor any of my tech will be able to monitor minors in the show to almost any extent - besides making sure they arrive on time and get signed in. Hence why we need a child wrangler, especially during shows.

Here is a basic description for those interested: 

1: Monitor children during show/rehearsal to ensure no one leaves the building alone or unattended or disrupts other actors in other areas. 2: Monitor children during breaks to make sure no one leaves areas designated - example; don't go to Lobby while open before show or during intermission. 

3: Assist to monitor children at end of shows to make sure every child’s parents come into the building to pick them up and sign them out.

 4: During shows assist RuRu to maintain noise level in Green Room, hallways, and around backstage.

 5: During shows be in green room to assist children with keeping track of where they should be and when (mainly reminders as children do tend to get distracted - people need to be in place if possible a couple minutes before their scene)

Fifthly, TEXT or CALL (and leave a quick voicemail) if you are going to be later than call time. This is essential for me to keep track of everyone. If you are running late that is absolutely fine, I just need to know. If I don't see people within 10 minute of call time and hear nothing, I or a tech will go down my list and call everyone on that person's contact list until I get an update. 

Sixthly, thank you for listening better and remaining quiet when we ask last night. As we move forward it is essential you pay attention to where we are during rehearsal and where and when you are supposed to be. We have 35 people in this show and if every person is 2 minutes late because they are distracted we will be at the theatre every night at least a  full hour extra every night. Not fun when we are already spending long nights with tech and special effects. 

Lastly, and this builds on top of the last point as well, as we move through tech week you absolutely must respect the crew's time and needs as we head into this week. Almost everyone one of you has had since January with this show (over 2 months at least), and the crew have 1 week. This means not touching props or set pieces that are not yours, not hanging out in areas backstage when you are not needed, not getting into tech's way, or arguing with them when they prompt you to be in a place or to move out of their way. 

- Don't worry, I shall be giving my crew this same lecture. A show this size has so many moving pieces we must all be trying our best to make sure each piece moves as smoothly as possible.

  - Remember you can always come to me with any questions or concerns, especially as we move through tech week. If you have problems, if actors are attempting to direct you (not gentle prompts or questions, we encourage those), if you have recommendations or see a scene change you would like to help with in your spare time between your scenes, please tell me as directly as possible. If I am out of sight that means you can tell a tech to pass the message along. 

Okay, I swear that's all for now.

 See you tonight!

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