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Music Notes from Kristin 3/26

Hello Matilda Cast!

Wow! What I weekend. It has been so wonderful to watch the show start coming together!

Moving into the theater is always a tough several days. You all did a great job staying present and giving it your best!

As we move into the final week, I have a few notes on the music. Please review the Ensembles notes which relate to your vocal parts prior to the Sitzprobe Monday.


  • Measure 19-26 and 35-42: Don’t Rush; keep the beat in your ear/conductor in your peripheral.

  • Measure 100: kids make sure you complete your line. This first statement of “there’s never been a miracle, a miracle…” has a complete sentence:

  • “There’s never been a miracle, a miracle as miracle as me

  • Measure 155-173: Nurses: you have some great blocking/choreo here, but you need to sing too. Please review the music with your blocking/choreo to fit them together. All the moves support the singing. See Jocelyn or I (or both) if you need help here.

  • Measure 226-227: Ensemble keep the conductor in your peripheral for the pick-up/downbeat so everyone comes in together.

  • Measure 244-246: Kids: you are coming in early on “My Mommy Says”…listen to the music/keep conductor in your peripheral for your entrance.

School Song

  • Measure 81-82-All Kids: keep singing through your movement to the line.

Chokey Chant

  • Measure 7-8: there needs to be more High E’s. Soprano’s sing out on this…please review together-we should have an equal number of High E and Low E

  • Measure 21-22: Trunchbull: The orchestra has a cut off cue of “You, You are a suppurating spleen”. Has this line changed?


  • Measures: 145-158: Ensemble keep singing. Work the entrances into your choreo/counting

  • Throughout: watch cut offs-all voices except tenors always cut off on 2 Rudolpho/Tenor line can be heard


  • Throughout: Watch cut offs and final consonants. All final words of each phrase are only 1 beat-except “He’s quite Elastic” and “He’s fantastic, look at him go” (each 3 beats)

  • Measures 74 on: more Bass/Tenor

  • Measures 111-End WATCH CONDUCTOR and listen to orchestra. Final measure divides into the eight notes. You will see the last beat before the final note divided into 3 subbeats. Listen for the horns in the orchestra.

When I Grow Up

  • Measures 42-44: Little Kids: Harmony Line is missing: Hannah, Brody R, Logan, Liam, Audrey

  • Measures 44-46: “adults” sing out on your entrance…there should be a doubling of sound when you enter.

  • Measure 50 & 52/62&64: Cut off right on beat 2.

  • Measure 59: cut off on Beat 3

  • Measure 72 & 73/80 & 81: Both Group entrances need to be louder.

  • Measures 88-92: Harmony lines need to come out.

Thank you all for your hard work, your enthusiasm, and commitment!

See you at rehearsal.


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