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Music Notes from Kristin 3/26

Hello Matilda Cast!

Wow! What I weekend. It has been so wonderful to watch the show start coming together!

Moving into the theater is always a tough several days. You all did a great job staying present and giving it your best!

As we move into the final week, I have a few notes on the music. Please review the Ensembles notes which relate to your vocal parts prior to the Sitzprobe Monday.


  • Measure 19-26 and 35-42: Don’t Rush; keep the beat in your ear/conductor in your peripheral.

  • Measure 100: kids make sure you complete your line. This first statement of “there’s never been a miracle, a miracle…” has a complete sentence:

    • “There’s never been a miracle, a miracle as miracle as me

  • Measure 155-173: Nurses: you have some great blocking/choreo here, but you need to sing too. Please review the music with your blocking/choreo to fit them together. All the moves support the singing. See Jocelyn or I (or both) if you need help here.

  • Measure 226-227: Ensemble keep the conductor in your peripheral for the pick-up/downbeat so everyone comes in together.

  • Measure 244-246: Kids: you are coming in early on “My Mommy Says”…listen to the music/keep conductor in your peripheral for your entrance.

School Song

  • Measure 81-82-All Kids: keep singing through your movement to the line.

Chokey Chant

  • Measure 7-8: there needs to be more High E’s. Soprano’s sing out on this…please review together-we should have an equal number of High E and Low E

  • Measure 21-22: Trunchbull: The orchestra has a cut off cue of “You, You are a suppurating spleen”. Has this line changed?


  • Measures: 145-158: Ensemble keep singing. Work the entrances into your choreo/counting

  • Throughout: watch cut offs-all voices except tenors always cut off on 2 Rudolpho/Tenor line can be heard


  • Throughout: Watch cut offs and final consonants. All final words of each phrase are only 1 beat-except “He’s quite Elastic” and “He’s fantastic, look at him go” (each 3 beats)

  • Measures 74 on: more Bass/Tenor

  • Measures 111-End WATCH CONDUCTOR and listen to orchestra. Final measure divides into the eight notes. You will see the last beat before the final note divided into 3 subbeats. Listen for the horns in the orchestra.

When I Grow Up

  • Measures 42-44: Little Kids: Harmony Line is missing: Hannah, Brody R, Logan, Liam, Audrey

  • Measures 44-46: “adults” sing out on your entrance…there should be a doubling of sound when you enter.

  • Measure 50 & 52/62&64: Cut off right on beat 2.

  • Measure 59: cut off on Beat 3

  • Measure 72 & 73/80 & 81: Both Group entrances need to be louder.

  • Measures 88-92: Harmony lines need to come out.

Thank you all for your hard work, your enthusiasm, and commitment!

See you at rehearsal.


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Naomi Sautter
Naomi Sautter
27. März 2023

OH, thank you so much!!! I'm so grateful for you and all that you do, thank you for putting up this post. I'll definitely look at my parts!

Gefällt mir
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