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Greetings all, just a few notes y'all need to know that I can't hunt everyone down for.

Firstly, and most importantly, the very first thing you need to do when you arrive at the PAC and set your things down is

CHECK YOUR PROPS and costumes.

Tech is checking props and setting things, but there are 7 tech backstage and 35 people who may need props and may move their props before or during the show. Actors are equally responsible for any hand held props that they bring with them on stage. If you don't see your prop or have no idea where it goes once you're done with it, or have any questions - ask a tech or me. If you know you need something set at a certain time and are unable to check it beforehand - tell a tech or me. I know a lot of cast are running around and busy, we just need communication to keep all parts running smoothly.

Todd/Mr. Wormwood:

At the end of "I'm so clever" (or pg 62); I do want you to strike the stack of books and the black chair. I wrote things slightly confusing for my tech hence the confusion last night. They shall leave the striking of that to you.

ALL "Little Kids":

At the end of Acrobat Story 4 (or pg 64) when tech pulls the Wormwood House off stage you ABSOLUTELY MUST wait behind the curtains until tech say.

There are 3 reasons for this in this order:

1: SAFETY. For tech and cast.

2: Matilda has a quick change and has priority to get through that area

3: It prevents tech from fully striking that scene if you are in the way and that slows everyone down.


Come talk to me about the hat you need for Smell of Rebellion. I don't know where you are backstage and need to know where it needs to be set for you, or if it needs to be handed to you. :)

Anyone moving school desks:

Every night there has been a different number of desks pushed off the sides of the stage at the end of scenes. Tech is not able to move desks from 1 side to the other if they are taken off to the wrong side; there is simply not enough space to do so backstage. This means 2 things:

1. If at all possible strike your desk off the same way you got it

2: If for some reason someone does strike a desk on the wrong side ALL children must be on the lookout and willing to set an extra desk if you see it on your side. Lights, sounds, and music will wait for you. Tech will push the desk out from the side for you to put into place as well.

Big Kids: I am unsure who was set to strike the Chokies at the end of revolting children, but make sure to remember. Tech has one of the biggest changes in that scene and we really need y'all to remember.

Is anyone willing to loan their scripts for the rest of the run to let spotlights use? We need 2 for them so they can follow along and unfortunately the lights set-up and running are the thing I am behind on at this point.

Okay, that's all for now.


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